It used to be that camping was all about roughing it. Well, not anymore. Today anyone can go camping even if they insist on having all the comforts of home. With so many camping options today, there is no stereotype of the typical camper. People from all walks of life are beginning to enjoy camping. There is even such a thing as luxury camping and modern luxuries are quickly finding their way to the camping market.

The first part of a luxury camping trip to talk about is the accommodations. For luxury campers this will mean an RV. Today there are RVs on the market that are nicer than even the average American’s home. These camping vehicles are outfitted with granite countertops, fine leather furniture, satellite television, internet, and even sunrooms. In a luxury RV it is literally possible to forget that you are even camping. The typical downsides of camping to creatures of comfort such as lack of plumbing, good food, climate control, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements are all gone with nice RVs. It’s simply amazing the amenities you can have while camping if you have the money to invest in an RV that is a luxury apartment on wheels.

Another aspect of luxury camping that is becoming more common is that of luxury campgrounds. There are campgrounds today that come equipped with all the comforts of a world class resort. Camping takes on a new meaning when there is a restaurant and fine shopping at your campground. There are places with spas, tennis lessons, and entertainment. Want to go camping but don’t want to pack around all the camping gear? No problem, these luxury campgrounds have you covered. They have campsites that come equipped with tents or RVs ready for your use.

While this may sound different than your last camping trip, these resorts do offer more typical camping activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating. If you want to have more of a traditional camping dinner around the campfire, there is even luxury food to be had. Today it seems as if every dish under the sun has been freeze dried for campers or prepared especially for people who are camping. In fact on my last camping trip we had cherry cheesecake for dessert. You don’t have to give up your favorite things to go camping.

There is really something for everyone when it comes to camping today. Whether you want to rough it or camp in the lap of luxury, there is a camping trip out there for you. Camping has long been a great American tradition. However, it is being threatened by increased technology and an increasing speed to life that leaves little time or desire to go camping. Today it seems as if camping is viewed more as a stressful thing for some people, but camping doesn’t need to be stressful at all. Even if you’re not outdoorsy you can still enjoy nature on a camping trip. So, next time you’re thinking about going on vacation and staying at a hotel, give camping another thought and you might be surprised at just how relaxing it is.

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