Women and Camping

Camping has long been seen as a tradition for men. Women have historically been portrayed as whiny and incapable on camping trips. However, women are camping more and more. Even women who aren’t outdoorsy are finding reasons and opportunities to not only go camping, but to enjoy it.

It can be quite fun for a group of women to get together and go on a camping trip. It’s fun to get away with other girls without having to worry about significant others or children. Camping is a true opportunity to relax and unwind. When you’re with a group that isn’t all family you get the best of both worlds. You’re able to get around a campfire with your friends and talk about anything. However, when you want some time alone to read or meditate you don’t have to feel obligated to be with the group. Make sure though that before you ever go to be alone that you let the others know where you are going to be and how long you expect to be. Safety should always be a concern when camping.

There also comes a great sense of fulfillment when you go camping with a group of women. There is a sense of independence knowing that you were able to survive without all the modern conveniences. Women often are seen as unable to camp. The truth of the matter is more that women don’t go camping while growing up as much as men do. Boys go camping with friends, with their dads, and with organizations like the boy scouts. Girls typically only go camping with their family if their family likes to camp. So, women just grow up with less camping training. However, with the advent of the internet, women are now able to learn all there is to know about camping from the comfort of home.

Going into the unknown is scary, so it’s no wonder that many women are apprehensive about camping. They don’t know what to expect or what is going to be expected of them. Now the internet can help plan an entire camping trip and it’s possible for a group of camping novices to go out and have a successful camping trip.

The camping benefits are innumerable for women. You get to get away from family; sure you love them but often our identity gets lost in the two roles of wife and mother. While camping you are expected to just be you. You are not acting as anyone’s wife or mother, you’re just being yourself and sometimes that means rediscovering who you are. Camping also presents a great opportunity to meditate and think over tough decisions. If you are contemplating a major life decision or are faced with some tough choices, camping can be great for you.

The change in scenery can give you new perspective. By getting away from all the other distractions in your life you’ll be able to look at the choice more objectively and think of new ideas or angles. Camping is no longer just about roughing it and it’s not just for men. Everyday women are discovering how much fun camping can be. So, grab a group of your girlfriends and plan your camping trip today!

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